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We take pride in being one of the best equipped Design Studios with the capability of producing highly skilled work in South East Asia and around the Globe.


Grau Bär Designs has a strong core of Industrial Design, like a Grand Banyan Tree (ficus Bengalensis) many Robust Branches grow from the main trunk.


Over the last 30 years it has evolved into a collection of Multidisciplinary Design Studios, supporting each other. Structurally, with their own aerial root systems (Symbolizing, Independence & Strength) and connect with the Core (symbolizing, Respect for Heritage, Culture, Tradition & Values) 

The approach to design is holistic - each person works with sensitivity to material and attention to Detail.

Combining empathy with creative skills in design, entrepreneurship, technology and research
placing human experiences at the center of all processes.
Empathizing to achieve greater good
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Investing in Research and Development to further provide tools and services that would improve quality standards of the Industry.
Improving Quality Standards
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Providing services in forms of seminars and workshops to further make manufacturing units work in right systems and in turn enhance efficiency and productivity.

Enhancing Efficiency and Productivity 

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Bringing back the Indian standards of jewellery manufacturing to its glorious days of crafting high quality with minimum losses and setting work productivity to its full potential.
Transforming and Upskilling
Virtual Tour
Studios and labs
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Fine Metal working Laboratory

Equipped with the best tools, equipment & devices it is in a class that has just a few peers on Face of Earth. It’s known for its Reliability of Methods & Validity.
Fine Metalworking Laboratory is one of its kind, in Country, a unique facility that also has Training Programs running alongside up to date Research.

Various tools, especially jewellery making tools can be tested for their effectiveness, in accomplishing a type of work. Scientific methods are applied to measure Human Factors, including Physiognomy and Anthropometry. Based on empiricism, repeatability of results is achieved. 
‘Actions Speak, Louder Than Words’
Expression & Transformation through Patient, Silent work is our preferred working style. 
Vertically integrated structure – we do it all ourselves
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We firmly believe in, good work ought to be self-explanatory, or understandable with minimal verbal effort.
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It is cumbersome to talk about a Product Form, Art Object or Sculpture. It is more effective to just make it.
With Guidance of the Master, Apprentices continue a journey of Discovery, as much within as outside.
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Be a serial innovator! Just like a serial Inventor!

23/23 Sajan Nagar, Near Shiv Mandir, Indore

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