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Be more than you seem.
- Count Helmuth Karl Bernard von Moltke

Case Studies

Grau Bär Designs has been working in multiple disciplines for years
together, the case studies mark few of the studio's key project highlights.


Client - Scientific Mes - Technik Pvt. Ltd.
Period -  Nov ‘97 to March ‘99
This was one of our long and involved projects. We did almost all the development cycle can ask for. The work started during the planning and development phase of electronics. We worked on the layout of the circuit board working closely with 'scientific' R&D. The interface of electronics with chassis and the modular nature of the instrument took shape during this phase.
Throughout the course of the next 16 months the product gradually assumed the shape as seen in the images. We did the ABS front & rear panel + handle (including assistance to the die maker). Color scheme, layout and color of the control panel. Detailing and developing smaller components like knobs & buttons were also on the job card.

Oscilloscope (Chassis Development)
The chassis was developed keeping the clients sheet metal production facilities in mind. Considering the moderate target volume care was taken not to employ extensive die development.
Taking directive from the electronic experts of client's R&D, internal space was organized to keep the EM noise at its minimum.
During the development, the oscilloscope was modeled as a multifunction unit making it possible to have an optional secondary module (to the right of the instrument) to do the role of a separate instrument.
The CRT interface with sheet metal brought us some interesting innovations. A special gourmet was developed to have the desired gripping within the metal bezel.

Oscilloscope (Control Panel Color Scheme)
The final part of the Oscilloscope was the design of the Control Panels. There were two kinds of panels for this product. One, the main panel for controls of the basic instrument and the other being a collection of panels for the add on modules.
For each design, a few variants with different moods of colors were tried and the chosen one was developed with pantone colors as the preferred standard of reproduction. Artworks were developed with precise coordination so that the panels can be produced to fit with the ABS panel and the sheet metal part properly.
Oscilloscope (Front & Rear Panel)
Shown above is a rendering of the ABS front panel for the oscilloscope. A rear panel was also designed for the same product. Of the whole form the treatment of the CRT bezel is of special interest as it was developed to provide a large viewing angle. For both the panels we worked closely with the die maker for development of the dies, inspection of the trial shots and accommodating the last minute changes.

Oscilloscope (Handle)
The development work for the Oscilloscope Handle can be called a separate project. Since this was the most significant Human Interaction part of the whole product, special care was taken in detailing the profile. The Handle of this product also acts as a stand during operation of the product and calls for a special position retaining mechanism. Several mechanism options were explored right from spring to friction. At the lower portion of the right panel, a few of the schematic mechanisms are provided.
To hide the mechanism and to give a softer appearance to the whole product, several ABS injection molded end caps were designed. Two of these designs are shown on the right pane.

Oscilloscope (Knobs etc.)
An array of small items like various buttons and knobs, LED Holders, Terminal etc. were designed for integration of the whole product. Most of these small components were worked out for Injection Molding in ABS (some with brass inserts). 
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