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Be more than you seem.
- Count Helmuth Karl Bernard von Moltke

Case Studies

Grau Bär Designs has been working in multiple disciplines for years
together, the case studies mark few of the studio's key project highlights.

Andaman Sea – Shell Jewellery

Client- Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC)
Period -  October 2010
Ultrasound Machine
Tool Design &

Training & Skill Enrichment Program for Artisans by Introduction of New Forms for Hand-Crafted Jewellery, specifically Sea-Shells.

The Andamans are an archipelago off the coast of India with limited access to the inland. Mostly inhabited by indigenous people or ‘adivasis’, the main source of livelihood depends on local artisanal skills still rooted in traditional practices. 

The core thought behind the workshop was to enrich the skills of Sea-Shell Artisans by introduction of new, aesthetically pleasing forms in Sea-Shell Jewellery which utilized the natural curves of the shell. The motifs conceived were apparent as well as abstract representations, inspired from their natural surroundings, both flora and fauna. 

By introduction of new forms in Seashell jewellery, a value addition and an upward shift in price band was sought.

Artisans around Port Blair and its districts participated. Each participant group had eighteen artisans with an observer or caretaker to oversee functions. The artisans were trained in design processes and educated on tools and techniques for precision layout, marking and measuring. The group was exposed to Modern Hand Tools and Precision Power Tools for working on sea shells. To further enrich the skill of craftsmen, they were introduced to Simple Product Development Methodology (SPDM).

It was evident that artisans have potential for making High Value Costume Jewellery and allied products. In future, there exists a possibility for the cluster to develop as a whole making articles of jewellery for domestic and export markets.

23/23 Sajan Nagar, Near Shiv Mandir, Indore

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