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Be more than you seem.
- Count Helmuth Karl Bernard von Moltke

Case Studies

Grau Bär Designs has been working in multiple disciplines for years
together, the case studies mark few of the studio's key project highlights.

Ultrasound machine (Genesis XL)

Client - Toshbro Shimadzu Limited

Period - Sep ‘97 to May ‘98, April ‘99 to May ‘99

Tool Design &

Below are the photographs of the Genesis XL ultrasound machine that we designed for Toshbro Shimadzu Private Limited. Though the technology originated from the land of the rising sun, this product was perhaps the only true Indian ultrasound machine.
For our part of the assignment, we took it up as an objective to develop and produce all of the electromechanical components within the city limits of Indore. The achievement, an all in one integrated FRP shell that houses everything and makes the usual sheet metal skeleton redundant. This resulted in a direct reduction of almost 50% on the cost of the body besides facilitating easy assembly, disassembly and servicing.
This is one of those projects in which we had a very long association with the client, right from concept to solid model, digital soft model, prototype, die development, production, color scheme, surface finish & texture, packaging, photography, graphic design & printing.

23/23 Sajan Nagar, Near Shiv Mandir, Indore

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Sea-shell Jewelry
Tool Design &
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